Working or living abroad and need your school credentials for your Licensure Examination or job application? No Worries! Wherever you reside, NEAC can assist you to get your school credentials to anywhere in the Philippines. We can help you process your school credentials to any school located in the Philippines for a minimal fee.

Once processed we will express mail the school credentials to you. It's hassle free, worry free and headache free.

HAAD Dataflow Application Service Fee
USD 64
HAAD Exam Scheduling Service Fee
USD 42
HAAD Credentialing SF (Not NEAC Applicant From Dataflow)
USD 44
HAAD Dataflow Re-Application Service Fee
USD 50
HAAD Credentialing Application Service Fee
USD 36
Other Middle East Dataflow Transfer to HAAD Dataflow Service Fee
USD 76
HAAD Dataflow Application Continuation Service Fee
USD 36
USRN / ASCP License Holder Exemption for HAAD Dataflow Service Fee
USD 74
USRN License Holder Exemption for HAAD Credentialing Service Fee
USD 36
HAAD Booking,Scheduling and NEAC Service Fee
USD 152
HAAD Dataflow Application Fee and NEAC Service Fee
USD 362
Middle East Fees
USD 57
HAAD Re-Application SF (Not Previous NEAC Applicant)
USD 66


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BEWARE of home, internet or virtual office based operated agencies offering application processing.
TRUST ONLY licensed businesses with SEC and BIR Registration.

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