Please chose the exam you would like to take. Once you pay for NEAC service fees today you will be assigned a processing officer and your application process will start. During this process, you will be able to directly communicate to her or him and ask about your concerns if any. Once your application is ready you will be asked to pay for the exam related fees which will be communicated to you by the processing officer via phone or/and email.

If you are applying for the U.S. exams you will also receive consultancy on the requirements of the state of your choice or you will be assisted to choose a state you qualify based on your background. The officer will prepare all related applications for you, we will send your application, other related documents and exam and licensing fees to the related institutions. We will follow your application up until you are ready to take the exam.

There may be additional fees and/or service fees related to the exam you have chosen as well as fees that you need to pay once you move to the next step of the application process such as: Eligibility, Credential Evaluation, DataFlow, Registration and/or Scheduling phase etc).

Please choose below the exam(s) and service you would like to avail:

HAAD Dataflow Application Service Fee
USD 68
HAAD Exam Scheduling Service Fee
USD 43
HAAD Credentialing SF (Not NEAC Applicant From Dataflow)
USD 45
HAAD Dataflow Re-Application Service Fee
USD 52
HAAD Credentialing Application Service Fee
USD 37
Other Middle East Dataflow Transfer to HAAD Dataflow Service Fee
USD 78
HAAD Dataflow Application Continuation Service Fee
USD 37
USRN License Holder Exemption for HAAD Dataflow Service Fee
USD 68
USRN License Holder Exemption for HAAD Credentialing Service Fee
USD 29
HAAD Booking,Scheduling and NEAC Service Fee
USD 153
HAAD Dataflow Application Fee and NEAC Service Fee
USD 368
Middle East Fees
USD 14
MOH Exam Credentialing Application Service Fee
USD 78




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BIR Registered
BUSINESS with License and Permit
Internationally Recognized

BEWARE of home, internet or virtual office based operated agencies offering application processing. NEVER SEND MONEY to bank account number that has a person's name. It must be a company NAME ONLY account.

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